YCC International offers a variety of services to choose from that can save you valuable time and money.
These services include;
OUR COMMITMENT: We sell to distributors and wholesalers. We are committed to provide you with exactly what you need with ease and efficiency.
EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Personalized customer service from a highly trained representative who understands your business. Through this strong partnership, the progress of your production is monitored daily and communication is consistent and often.
COMMUNICATION WITH EASE: Our USA Headquarters allows you ease of communication with our factories. We can respond to most inquiries within 24 hours.
FLEXIBLE PAYMENT TERMS: Our payment terms are flexible and traditionally better than other Chinese factories.
QUALITY IS #1: We have highly trained technicians who QC each production to ensure only the highest quality products reaches our customers.
YCC has the capacity to arrange shipments from China both by air and sea directly to your door with a lower price compared to others.

At YCC, we constantly monitor new Chinese government policies, material advancements, and technology in each of our manufacturing regions.This knowledge is passed on to our customers so YCC can provide a higher level of insight into the optical industry.